Paper instructions:

Students will develop the first part of a research proposal including:
Qualitative Research
Research Question: In acute care hospitals, what is the impact of nurse residency program on new grad confidence in practice for first year of nursing?
Introduction- Describe an area of interest. Select a problem/issue that is familiar
Background- Describe the problems
Literature Review- What aspect of the problem has been studied?
Significance of the study- How would research contribute to knowledge?
Research aim: What is the aim of the study?
Research Question: State as a question…e.g. what was it like to be a graduate student?
Research Design- Describe the research method
Participants-Describe participants (Remember to study a small number of individuals)
Data Collection Process- Do not use questionnaires or quantitative method
Ethical considerations: Protection of human subjects
Implications for Nursing Practice and Future Research
See Syllabus and Grading Rubric
Conclusion Use headings according to APA 7th Edition to organize the paper.
Papers should be clear and concise and should be 10-12 pages, not including title and reference pages.
References should be within 5 years and only 1 can be outdated.
Need at least 7-8 references.
Can you also use the book- Nursing Research: Generating and assessing Evidence for nursing practice Polit & Beck( class textbook)


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