Paper instructions:

Read the case study & answer questions.

Teacher’s instructions:

Answer the questions posed. The case papers should be single-spaced, no smaller than 12-point type, and absolutely no longer than two pages TOTAL per case.

HBS Case #1, “Sir Alex Ferguson: Managing Manchester United” (10%)

1. Please describe Ferguson’s approach to managing a team.  What are key elements of “Ferguson’s Formula”?
2. In general, what does it take to manage a top European soccer team effectively, be it EPL, Ligue 1, La Liga, or Serie A? If it has changed, how has that changed over the years?
3. How has Manchester United chosen to compete in the world of European football, on and off the field? On the issue of recruiting and managing talent, do you think ManU has found the right positioning?
4. Is there a team in soccer or any other sport that you believe has a comparable approach to its management?

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