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How-To-Marketing: Social Media

After reading these How-To Marketing articles on tactics and strategies, please share below any excerpts you may have found especially useful or interesting and tell why.
Social Media Marketing: More Than Promotion
More than just a means to promotional messaging, Eddie Velez says social media can help with customer retention and online reputation, while also reducing administrative costs.

The Power of Women in Social Media
Studies show women are a ruling force in social media when it comes to both readers and writers of online blogs. Marketing consultant Miguel Salcido shares some data on the who’s and how’s of it.

Why Marketing Campaigns Must Have Video
(Links to an external site.)Video clips playing on your business website can entice visitors to stay longer and buy more. Mark Macias explains how videos can showcase your company and enhance customer experience.

Social Networking Changes Everything
Befuddled by terms such as retweets, hastags, and followfriday? Diana Ennen has this primer on how social networks have rocked the marketer’s world.

How to Harness The Power of YouTube
(Links to an external site.)New media opportunities such as YouTube provide reach to millions of potential viewers with your business, product or service. Scott Lorenz shares tips and examples on how to make it work.

Top 5 Search Engine Ranking Factors
(Links to an external site.)Want to be at the top of the list for engine searches? Then Michael Fleischner says to listen up to the five best ways to get there.

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