The student will develop a presentation that simulates a change implementation meeting, in which the presenter’s organization is about to undergo strategic change. The presentation will be created in PowerPoint and will present the following content in the slides:
• Introductory information
• Describe the organizational issue in need of change
• Present a clear description of the change initiative
• Relate the purpose of change in regards to your organization’s context
• Explain the rationale for the selected change strategy
• Describe the issues and challenges to be addressed
• Detail the action plan to be followed
• Concluding thoughts
In addition, the PowerPoint must integrate these artifacts:
• An organizational hierarchy showing change oversight and reporting
• A communication plan for the team leading change
• A responsibility matrix noting key activities and those responsible and those in support
• A timeline of the change process
• A reference slide (in APA format, at the end)
Each PowerPoint deck must include no fewer than 15 slides. The slides must have descriptive narrative in the notes section of PowerPoint to explain the bullet points of the slide. Cite relevant research that helps justify the change process and techniques used. At least five references must be included and one of them is to be Kotter’s text in addition to journal or trade references.


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