1. Proposed Title
2. Introduction (100 words)
3. Literature Review (200 words)
4. Outline a brief overview of a potential enquiry methodology (200 words)
This section should:
• identify the enquiry design and the enquiry methods that you think will be used.
• identify the types of data that will be collected, and the sources of this data.
• justify the choice of design, methods and ethical considerations.

What is the nature of the phenomenon that you are exploring?
How can you justify that your approach, or research strategy, is valid in relation to your particular research question?

We all know that real events might not turn out the same as the plan! But some broad milestones will help break down the large task into some more manageable sections.

It can be easy to over-estimate what can be achieved and under-estimate how long research takes, especially the data analysis and final write-up and presentation

5. References (Does NOT count towards the assessment’s overall word count)

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