Paper instructions:

For this week’s assignment, you should create an 8-10 slide PowerPoint presentation that is designed to educate the viewer on issues relating to Cybersecurity, Online Privacy, Your Digital Trail and/or other related topics.  You can pick whichever topic is of most interest to you and you should locate and use online sources as part of your presentation.  Here are the specific directions:

1) Create a 10 slide PowerPoint presentation (use all of those PowerPoint skills we learned in week 3!)

2) Locate some online resources related to your topic…you could use the Library databases, Google “advanced search,” Google “scholar,” or any other search tools.  Read the articles and find content to include in your PowerPoint presentation.

3) Develop your PowerPoint slides….remember that the focus should be educational – teach the reader about the issue/topic you chose, help them understand the issue and give them tips and advice on how to be a responsible digital citizen.

4) I encourage you to use sources – BUT, you MUST cite any direct quotations and any paraphrasing….use your resources – but properly cite those that you use.  In other words, NO COPYING AND PASTING!

5) Your last slide should be a list of “works cited.”

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