The paper must be typed on a computer and comply with the following requirements:
Font: Times New Roman, font size 12 and a line spacing of 1.5.
Word count: The length of the home assignment should not exceed 4000 words.
If the students exceed the word count, the essay will not be sent to grading.
Footnotes should be included in the word count of the main text. Not included in this count:
the front page (with name and title etc), summary, table of contents and references
Please remember to include footnotes in word count!
See user guide below (User Guide for Microsoft Word, page 41)
The template is named template-assignment, and the format is .rtf.
On the same webpage you will find the User Guide for Microsoft Word when writing the term
paper. If you still have problems with using the template after reading the user guide, please
contact Juriteket, (3rd floor, Domus Nova); the Law faculty’s IT-service for students
(information on webpage above).

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