Paper instructions:

You will be required to write a five-page research paper. The paper should incorporate a concept/topic of your choice found in the textbook chapters that were assigned during the course. The paper should consist of a title page, body of the paper, and reference page. The title and reference page are NOT included in the five-page count. NO abstract page is required.
You will need to incorporate five outside sources from a reputable business or economic sources into your paper and document it on a Reference page (Not Work Cited page).
The paper should utilize APA format, 12 pt font, Times New Roman.
The first research paper is due in week 5 and the second research paper is due in week 10. Must be completed and uploaded to Canvas by Sunday at 11:55 PM of the week it is due in order to get credit for that week. This requirement will typically take approximately 10 hours to complete.
The intent of this paper is for you to research a topic that interests you and tie it back to economics. This is an opportunity for you to be very creative. Take risks with the paper!  I will not penalize you for taking risks.  Please do not write a paper repeating sections of the textbook in your own words.
The following are some topic examples to help you to think creatively: The impact of student loan debt on career choice after graduation. Why are people leaving San Francisco? Impact of Brexit on London economy.  Impact of professional sports on neighborhoods.  Have fun with your topic.
Your Turnitin similarly score should not be higher than 24% and you should have a green indicator before submitting it.

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