Paper Instructions:

Students form teams of 4 – 5. Each team will choose one brand name and one product category. Group now will develop a product for the chosen brand name. The groups will develop product’s features, benefits, target audience, and promotional ideas. Group are requested to submit a creative and innovative report to the instructor. You will be assessed on creativity and innovative thought process that has gone inside the creation of product. Report has to be submitted by due date. Each report must clearly and concisely include:
● Title (Product name and logo)
● Authors (students name, ID number, section, department, and University)
● Introduction
Include the thinking process that went into the creation of the product, its goal and aims and how it is solving a real problem.
● Purpose
Details on why it is unique and a description of its value, benefits and features.
● Target Market and Audience:
Details of the target market and how to reach the target market
● Promotional strategy
How the group is going to promote the product.
● Conclusion
● References

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