Paper Instructions:

Analyze the given passage using a paragraph to explain its meaning and theme by using words and/or phrases (in quotation marks) as evidence. Choose two of the following passages to analyze (150-200 words). Avoid first person-pronouns (“I”) and carefully proofread your responses.

Passage 2: “The women of the South can overthrow this horrible system of oppression and cruelty, licentiousness and wrong. Such appeals to your legislatures would be irresistible, for there is something in the heart of man which will bend under moral suasion. There is a swift witness for truth in his bosom, which will respond to truth when it is uttered with calmness and dignity. If you could obtain but six signatures to such a petition in only one state, I would say, send up that petition, and be not in the least discouraged by the scoffs, and jeers of the heartless, or the resolution of the house to lay it on the table. It will be a great thing if the subject can be introduced into your legislatures in any way, eve n by women, arid they will be the most likely to introduce it there in the best possible manner, as a matter of morals and religion, not of expediency or politics” (Grimke).

Passage 3: “But woman—the true woman—if you would render her happy, it needs more than the mere development of her affectional nature. Her conscience should be enlightened, her faith in the true and right established, scope given to her Heaven-endowed and God-given faculties. The true aim of female education should be not a development of one or two, but all the faculties of the human soul, because no perfect womanhood is developed by imperfect culture. Intense love is often akin to intense suffering, and to trust the whole wealth of a woman’s nature on the frail bark of human love, may often be like trusting a cargo of gold and precious gems, to a bark that has never battled with the storm, or buffeted the waves” (Harper).

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