Paper instructions:

Sustainability impacts the natural environment, social conditions, and economics. At the intersection of business and the environment, we must consider an approach in which a business is able to create long term value for itself while also considering its environmental responsibilities, effects, and ethical obligations.

Historically, environmental concerns were not on the list of important issues for businesses. With a focus on environmental protection and global warming, there has been a new “green” or “sustainability” revolution worldwide which not only changes the way people live, but how businesses conduct themselves. These initiatives impact business operations, marketing, resource allocation, risk management, and business conduct in many situations.

Be sure that you accurately answer the following questions in your analysis

Choose a for profit business in your local area (I am in Saudi Arabia). Describe the environmental issues your chosen business faces, and how those issues impact the social, and economic environments
What is the responsibility for addressing environmental issues for at least five stakeholder groups for that business.
Explain three methods for measuring social, environmental, and economic impacts that you have identified for your business.
In the case of global environmental issues, how should your chosen business measure them, and what authority (government, treaty, etc.) is in place to ensure the organization’s compliance?
What are your recommendations for improvements?

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