Paper Instructions:

Research Paper Assignment:

No less than five pages, 250 words per page, double space
Font: Times New Roman, size 12
Cite your sources via the Chicago Manual of Style
Make sure you utilize at least five scholarly sources.
Include primary sources.
Please submit your paper via “Turnitin” on canvas

You can include the Though Women’s Eyes book. Write a paper addressing women in the American Revolution:
The American Revolution brought independence to American colonists and—to their minds freedom from oppression. Examine the impact of this “freedom” on the lives of women. Consider the impact on different groups of women, including European American, African American (free and enslaved), and Native American women. How was the American Revolution both liberating and confining for women? How revolutionary was the American Revolution?Suggestions to help you with your writing:
1. Write an introductory paragraph explaining the historical context. Make sure it has a good topic sentence. Add the “meat and potatoes” ( content) to lead up to your thesis statement. This statement is the last sentence of the first paragraph. Make it a strong one. This is your point for writing the whole essay.
2. Take a seed from your thesis and sow it into the next topic sentence of your next paragraph. Add the meat and potatoes and make a concluding sentence to wrap up the paragraph
3. Repeat paragraphs sowing seeds between sentences and paragraphs until the last one. The last one is the concluding paragraph. Explain how you have proved the point you made in the thesis statement.
4. Throughout the paper support your points with evidence. Find primary sources. Look for people’s voices.
5. Make sure you cite the sources. with the Chicago Manual of Style.
6. It is important to plan your essay before you start writing.PLEASE READ: Outline for grading your paper:

Check if you can answer “yes” to each of the following:Title Do I have a title? ( A good one engages the reader’s interest)


1. Do I have a thesis statement?

2. Is this thesis statement a single sentence that clearly articulates my argument at the end of the introductory paragraph?

3. Do I ground my thesis in historical context?

Body of the Paper:

4. Do I use my thesis to drive the material in the body of my paper ?

5. Do I write topic sentences?

6. Do I present and analyze evidence?

7. Do I show an understanding of the material?

8. Do I utilize specific references rather than generalizations?

9. Does my conclusion encapsulate my argument?

10. Is my paper free from grammatical errors and typos?

11. Have I cited my material according to the Chicago Manual of Style?

Make sure you use the Chicago Manual of Style.
It is essential to cite your sources:
1. To tell the reader where you obtained your information.
2. To avoid plagiarism

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