There are tables that list many more high-, middle-, or low- mid-range theories. If one of the theories in the tables appeals to you, use library resources (Nursing Research Guides) or internet to find more about the theory.

1. Provide an overview of the theory (2-3 paragraphs) (3 pts)

2. Evaluate the theory by addressing the following criteria. See Chapter 10, “Analysis and Evaluation of Middle Range Theory,” p. 219 (5th ed.) (3 pts):

a. Are the assumptions specified and congruent with the focus of the theory?

b. Is the theory rooted in (developed from) practice experience or research?

c. Are the concepts clearly defined and are relationships between concepts clearly delineated?

d. How broadly applicable is the theory? to numerous patients populations or few? numerous care contexts or few?

3. Using the theory’s underlying assumptions, stated purpose and concepts, argue your position on Leann’s action (2-3 paragraphs) (4 pts)

4. Use APA to cite sources and for your reference page

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