Paper instructions:

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act mandates that all schools receiving federal funds follow certain criteria for educating exceptional children.  This assignment will help you summarize the 11 key components of IDEIA. In addition, you will synthesize your learning from Module One.

1. Read pg. 6-10 in your textbook.

Create a list of the 11 key components of IDEIA.
2. Review your notes from all Module 1 assignments.

3. Compose a 2-3 page essay to summarize your learning from Module 1. Use headings to divide your essay and be sure to include each of the following:

An introduction
A analysis of the impact of ESSA and the Vocational Rehabilitation Act on special education students
An explanation of each of the 11 key components of IDEIA
An analysis of the concept of least restrictive environment, including a discussion of the benefits of offering a continuum of services
A summary of the role of the classroom teacher regarding implementation of IDEIA
A conclusion

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