Paper Instructions:

You are required to select a topic of interest and relevance to your chosen progression route and develop your understanding of scholarly articles based on your chosen subject.
1. Interpret at least two different assignment briefs or essay titles considering the following:
a. Instructional words (e.g. demonstrate, evaluate, summarise, review, estimate)
b. Topic words (e.g. key words/concepts).
c. Any particular focus required.
d. Any additional factors to be considered (e.g. refer to original evidence, conduct independent research) (AC 1.1).
2. Develop a plan to write an article based on both of the articles used in task 1. Consider the contents of each section and summarise the structure and contents of your article (AC 2.1).
3. Write a short article for an academic journal using your plan, maintaining a logical and consistent argument throughout (AC 2.2).
4. Demonstrate the use of academic conventions by explaining the appropriateness of the language/terminology used in your article. You must give at least 5 examples from your text (AC 3.1).
5. Explain the concept of academic integrity (plagiarism) and identify the consequences of malpractice (AC 4.1).
6. Demonstrate the use of Harvard referencing by producing a reference list and using in-text citations (AC 4.2).
Your work should be no longer than 4 sides of A4 and in a font no smaller than 12 pt.

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