Discuss European perceptions and treatment of Native Americans during the 16th and 17th centuries by addressing the following questions:

1. What negative impressions / assumptions did European explorers have about the indigenous people (Native Americans) they encountered?
– Regarding their physical appearances, clothing
– Their customs, beliefs, religious practices, rituals, language, nomenclature (naming), etc.
2. What facts (*specific examples) were later found to be historically more accurate about Indian societies in relation to:
– Family structure, especially the role of women?
– Tribal structure / government? – Agriculture and trade?
– Alliances (with Europeans as well as with other tribes)?
3. What were the biological and social consequences of contact (i.e. The “Columbian Exchange”) between Europeans and Native Americans?
– Diseases
– Animals / Insects
– Plants / Crops
– Weapons / Culture
(Must have 4 credible college sources)

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