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Senior managements want the facts relating to results captured within a specific data set. What are the specific characteristics of the products contained in the data set? What is the trend of each product? What is the most likely outcome of these products in the near future?

Assignment Requirements
Prepare and import the data from one of the “CARS” (SAS, 2014) Library files to create a new data source that you will use to run and evaluate your SAS analytics model. Use the data source that you just created and perform the following descriptive statistics: frequency, mean, and variant. Next, create a decision tree model using your SAS data source. Please open and follow the UsingSAS_for_DescriptiveAndClusterAnalysis.doc for directions on how to interact with SAS. Please answer the questions within the document highlighted in yellow and include the results of your analysis—screen prints and output reports—for review.

For the Unit 4 assignment, you will research and write a short (4–5 pages for the body section) paper in APA (6th edition) style and format, including screen prints, with a minimum of five references, that covers the following topics:

Explain the basic framework of a data analytics project using SAS.
Demonstrate the basics of using SAS to perform descriptive analytics.
Demonstrate the basics of using SAS to perform cluster analysis.
Explain the results of your SAS work using descriptive statistics and a decision tree model using SAS.
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