Paper instructions:

    Sir David Cannadine (2013, as cited in Jandt): There are six main forms of regulators of social networks of human life: religion, nation, class, gender, race, and civilization.
Explain how this regulator affects your communication with others in two/three main ways.
•    Support your explanations using the concepts and ideas in Unit 1 in addition to (at least) two other academic sources of your own choice (e.g., a book, a book chapter, or a journal article).
•    Give examples from your own life in support of your explanations.
•    Consider how your communication varies depending on who you are interacting with as well as the medium you are using during the communication process.
•    Follow a typical essay organization (i.e., introduction, body, and conclusion), and give an appropriate title to your essay.

Paper Formatting:
Your paper MUST be typed using the following formatting
•    Length: 2 pages
•    Line spacing: single
•    Font: Times New Roman
•    Font size: 12-point
•    Space between paragraph: 1 line
•    Alignment: Both sides aligned
•    Margins: 1” margins of 1” on all sides (Normal)
Documenting Source Information: IEEE Style
•    The documentation of sources (In-text citations & end-of-paper references) must follow the IEEE style guideline format. ALWAYS pay careful attention to the order of information and the use of spaces, punctuation and italics.  See samples below.

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