The COVID crises is having huge impacts on aviation. Governments throughout the globe are
supporting airlines to get through the crisis, while at the same time the question arises what aviation will look like after the crisis will have been overcome. This thesis discusses these issues from the economic perspective. It is assessed which type of airlines (low-cost carriers versus legacy airlines) are most vulnerable to the cover crisis and why, and what this means for the desirability of government responses. It is also discussed whether and how recovery from the crisis can be brought in accordance with sustainability objectives, and what this would mean for the future of international aviation.

come up with a proposal of more specific research question, method, and possibly data, that you would like to do for your thesis. Methods could vary from literature study, to empirical work, to theoretical model,
Two very important points there are price discrimination (also business vs economy, but also within classes) and choice of networks (e.g. hub-and-spoke for legacy carriers vs point-to-point for budget carriers). You could use that literature to establish the critical factors for profitability for
airlines of different types, and how possible lasting impacts of covid may affect different types of airlines, and how they might respond?

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