Paper instructions:

Mayor Bloomberg successfully banned smoking in bars and restaurants and had trans-fats banned in fast food places in NYC. Mayor DeBlasio had explored ways to address the Measles Outbreak and Health Care for Undocumented and Low-Income New Yorkers. In December 2020, facing the threat of a second wave of corona virus, Governor Cuomo announces another ban on indoor dining in New York City
Read the New York Times articles listed in your materials
Comment on these government approaches to health promotion and disease prevention
Do you think proposals like these can be effective strategies to promote public health? Why or why not?
Compare/ contrast the implications of policy proposals such as these for individual responsibility and freedom of choice versus (governmental) responsibility for public health outcomes?
Provide an example of a local, or state policy that attempted to address a level of prevention in the last six (6) months and discuss which level of prevention addressed. Use a recent article in the NYTimes.

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