Paper instructions:

Assignment Instructions:
Students will choose a specific country to study among a list provided by the instructor.  You will then take on the role of a top Human Resources manager from a company in Canada that would like to expand to this country, and will be responsible for providing a recommendation and supporting analysis as to the feasibility and strategy to enter this country from an HR perspective. In order to do so, you will:
1)    Provide a brief overview of the country’s economic, social and political context.
2)    Analyze this country in light of its cultural dimensions and value orientations.
3)    Explain in detail how this expansion can be done, taking into account the specific topic of the week (teams, leadership, negotiations, etc). Explain what would be the hurdles you would face regarding these specific aspects of the expansion and the cultural profile of the region you are expanding to, and how you propose to avoid or mitigate these challenges.
4)    Provide an example to illustrate your plan for this proposed international expansion. Examples can be of real or fictitious companies in any industry.

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