Paper instructions;

Your final paper is a historicographical essay with an annotated bibliography which informs us about a particular topic we have studied this term.
State a topic of historical importance about someone or something that we have studied in the first half of our term.
Find several history sources which present differing views about how historians view the topic you have selected.
Summarize and analyze these sources. Be sure to compare and contrast your sources – show us how views on this topic might be viewed differently over time or by different historical schools of thought.
Tidy things up with a concluding paragraph.
Put other sources into an annotated bibliography for readers to pursue if they want to learn more about this topic.
Yes, you may have noticed that the first four steps follow the typical pattern of an essay: Start with the introduction with a thesis statement, then main points with your content, and then comes your conclusion. The part which makes this a final paper rather than just an essay is the annotated bibliography at the end.
This paper must be original for this class and not something you wrote for a different class. It must be written by you and not by someone else. It must be in your own words and not the words of other authors. If you quote other authors or use their ideas, then you must give proper credit to those other authors.
This is your opportunity to investigate an interesting historical topic and tell us more about how historians view it. We look forward to learning from you!

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