Paper instructions:

Theories of Personality
Jess Feist, Gregory J. Feist, and Tomi-Ann Roberts, 2018
Mc Graw-Hill Education

ISBN.13: 978-0-077-86192-6

Please choose ONE topic below:

1.In the context of Albert Bandura’s social cognitive theory, what is meant by human agency? Describe the core features of human agency.

2.In the context of Walter Mischel’s personality theory, analyze what is meant by a consistency paradox.

3.Examine why George Kelly’s theory of personal constructs is described as, “… a theory about theories.”

Only one source needed and one citation needed for paper, remaining paper is writer’s own words expressing understanding of the text. Detailed instructions below:Understanding the Course Content: The faculty will be evaluating your work to see that you
demonstrate an understanding of course content and that you are covering key concepts discussed
in the textbook. While you may certainly provide additional information from outside sources, you
must use the course textbook as your primary source of information.
• A Clear and Well-Developed Response: The faculty will be evaluating you on your ability to present
a well-organized and developed response that is clear in its presentation of the course material.
• The Ability to Understand the Course Content: The faculty will be evaluating you on your ability
to examine, assess, evaluate, and/or analyze course content and key concepts. You will need to
demonstrate you can look at the course material in various ways and present your review in your
writing assignment.                                                                                                                                                                                                     • Depending on the question/prompt, you need to demonstrate your ability to evaluate, assess,
and analyze the concepts related to the question/prompt. With this, you are showing the faculty
you have a solid understanding of the material and are capable of looking at it from different
perspectives. The maximum points are awarded for writing assignments that demonstrate both a
solid understanding of the material and make connections between varying points.

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