Paper instructions:

In the first paragraph, discuss what Levine’s main message is in the cartoon and why you think that is his message.
In the supporting paragraphs, include the following:
Explain why Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Johnson (the first three presidents from left to right in the cartoon) are assigned blame. Consider how each president is depicted by size. Of course, these are not representative of the actual size of the presidents, so what message was Levine trying to portray in his sizing of the presidents? It is best to organize the paragraphs in chronological order and by president. For instance, one paragraph focuses on Eisenhower’s role in U.S. involvement in Vietnam where you make a connection between Levine’s cartoon and the history. For each president, write about 1-2 paragraphs.
In your final paragraph, discuss if you agree with the level of blame that Levine assigns to each president? (Do you agree with who Levine assigns blame to? Should Truman be included in such a drawing?)

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