Paper instructions:

1.Introduction (~100 words)
A summary of your report.
2.Theoretical review (~ 700 words)
A review of the relevant academic and government literature on your chosen topic.
3. Case study organisation (with organisation name) (~450 words)
An investigation into your organisation of choice. Whilst it is not necessary to have access to the chosen organisation, you are required to demonstrate knowledge of the organisation. This should include relevant contextual factors such as industry, country/ies in which it operates, culture, organisational practices and diversity management issues.
4. Critical discussion (~550 words)
Evaluate the information in the above sections and develop your own position. What key factors should the organisation be taking into account?
5. Recommended strategy (~700 words).
Pull the assignment together to a conclusion with a recommended diversity strategy for your case study organisation. This should include a business case weighing up the benefits and challenges of Diversity Management, reasons why you have chosen this strategy based on your findings and clear actions and recommendations regarding how it should be implemented.

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