1. Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
  2. Review Chapter 18 in your textbook, God with Us: An Introduction to the Old Testament.
  3. Review the following in a standard translation of the Bible:
    1. Jonah, chapters 1-4.
    2. Genesis 12:3 and 26:4
  4. Navigate to the threaded discussion and respond to the following:
    1. For the purposes of this discussion, let’s assume that the book of Jonah is a historical narrative of an actual event.  Everyone in this account seems to be learning about God’s nature and character: Jonah, the sailors on the boat, and the people of Nineveh.
      1. Discuss what you think each of these three “parties” learned about God’s nature and character (especially his mercy). Utilize and cite any information you glean from your textbook or other sources.
    2. There is another group of people relating to the book of Jonah, invisible to us but very much in Jonah’s mind and in God’s heart: the people of Israel.
      1. Remembering that the Ninevites (Assyrians) were enemies of Israel, predict how you think the people of Israel felt when Jonah returned with his story.
      2. Describe what God desired the people of Israel to learn about his mercy. Recall Genesis 12:3 and 26:4.
    3. Consider how the book of Jonah might speak to Christians today.  Discuss what God’s message to Jonah suggests about Christians’ dispositions and behaviors toward people living ignorantly in personal and societal sin in our time.
  5. Cite your sources using correct APA format.


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