Paper instructions:

1. Discuss the four elements that must be proven in order to win a defamation case.​
2. On Monday, Travis took his four-wheeler to Reppart’s Equipment & Service for repair because the steering was not working properly. On Friday, he called Reppart’s to see if his four-wheeler was ready because he wanted it for a weekend trip. Reppart’s said they had done the major repairs but that the steering system still needed some work and they needed another few days to finish the repairs. Travis told them he would pick the four-wheeler up and use it for the weekend and then bring it back to have them finish their work. While riding with friends on the weekend, Travis ran into someone because the steering stuck and he couldn’t swerve to avoid them. Discuss how a court would determine causation in a negligence suit against Travis.
3. Daniel went onto an internet message board and found that his ex-wife, Faye, had posted a message calling him a fat, insensitive jerk who only cared about watching sports on TV. Does Daniel have any protection against Faye’s making such statements to a potentially large number of readers, some of whom may know Daniel and some of whom may not?

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