Paper instructions:

Gender has been a topic of much controversy, contentment and social divide in our society, particularly in the last decade. A part of that discourse is the fact that, societies that uphold traditional gender roles and gender in general (which exists as a cultural universal) are more likely to experience patterns of gender stratification. This assignment will explore that notion, concentrating on (1) Gender Stratification in America or (2) Gender Stratification around the world, focusing on India. Select one of the following question options and respond to both parts of the question that you have selected.
Option # 1: Gender in the Workplace- The United States
Define gender stratification
Define the “The Gender Pay Gap” that exists in the United States and discuss the reasons why it exists (Site at least 3 specific reasons like the testosterone bonus- found in your text and in our class discussion notes for full credit).
Lastly, what is the relationship between the gender pay gap and gender stratification- how do they relate? OR
Option# 2: Gender around the world –India’s “Sex-Selective Abortions”
Define gender stratification.
Explain the practice of sex-selection abortion and femicide.
Discuss how our understanding of gender and culture helps us to understand these phenomena occurring all around the world.
Use your textbook and our class discussion notes to complete this assignment but also use the internet. There has been so much research and study done on this topic that the material keeps getting updated.

This assignment should be typed using a 12 point font, double spaced and should be no more than 2-3 pages and uploaded to the HW tab on D2L. Citations should be used to avoid plagiarism. DO NOT COMPLETE BOTH OPTIONS. YOU ARE TO CHOOSE BETWEEN OPTION 1 OR 2.

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