Paper instructions:

Walk a Labyrinth (in a field, church, backyard, or virtual with computer and/or fingers).  If you have done a Labyrinth walk before you may set Intention to be beginner again or compare and contrats the experiences. The walk should be at least 45 minutes, so you may want to repeat it either on the same day or over a few days.  Take notes on the experiences.  Write a reflection addressing these questions:
How did you feel about the “walk”?  What was your thinking before, during and/or after?
How was the experience overall for you?
What went right?  What was challenging?  How might you change it next time?
How can you use this with others?
What are the take-aways about this experience? Describe the experience of walking a Labyrinth and discuss how you worked to meet the objective  during the activities.

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