Paper instructions:

This first assignment requires students to compare and contrast evaluation approaches as described in Fitzpatrick, Sanders & Worthen  (2011; FSW hereafter). On page 123 of FSW the authors classify several evaluation approaches into four categories based on the identification of Essential factors that guide the evaluation. Each of these approaches is then expanded in subsequent chapters.
Select 2 of these evaluation approaches (these can be under the same factor or under a different factor) and compare and contrast these 2 Approaches. Identify the essential common elements of each approach as well as the key differences between these.
Also, identify a program that could be evaluated (ideally, this should be the program the student intends to evaluate as part of the Strategic Research Project), and using the definition of “program” provided on page 8 of FSW will provide a brief description of the program; in addition, using one of these evaluation approaches, explain why the approach is a “best fit” to evaluate the program in question.
This paper should be no longer than 5 pages and must follow APA form and style guidelines.

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