Peds Case Study #1

Baby Andres, a 9-month-old, presents to ER with significant retractions and nasal flaring.  Mom says he started with a cold 3 days ago and his cough started today along with sounding wheezy. He has not had any fever, although he has “felt warm.” He has had trouble clearing his nose of mucus and Ann does not like suctioning his nose, so she does it only when it is excessive. Andres has been fussy, has had trouble feeding at the breast, and is lethargic.

Andres was a full-term infant, born at 38 weeks. His birth weight was 2.78 kg, and length was 47.5 cm. He was delivered vaginally, transitioned in the hospital and discharged at 24 hours of age. He has been a “healthy baby” per Ann. She does, however, report 3 ear infections with the first one occurring when Andres was 4 months of age.  He frequently has a runny nose.  He is up to date on immunizations. Weight today: 8.16 kg.

Mother has 3 children, aged 9 months (Andres), 4 years (female), and 6 years (female). Mother smokes 1 ppd.


Written Assignment Evaluation Rubric (15%) 

Rubric for Scholarly Paper:  Respiratory Syncytial virus (RSV)


The scholarly group paper is worth 15% of your final grade.  SafeAssign Originality Report software will be used for this paper. This software reviews assignment submissions for plagiarism potential and allows students to identify how to properly credit sources. Papers not submitted through SafeAssign will not be graded.

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