1. Kilbourne argues that ads, intentionally or not, have larger influences on our culture than we tend to think. Throughout her essay, she points to a number of aspects of our culture influenced by ads (politics, art, religion, and so on). Choose two such cultural elements that she discusses and describe how she says ads relate to and influence them. Then answer these questions: Do you think she is right about ads’ influences on/connections to these cultural elements? Why/why not? And do you think she is right about the overall influence of ads on American culture? Why/why not?

2. In Kilbourne’s essay look for an example of either effective paragraph development or effective source integration. Point us to the specific passage (you don’t need to copy it into your discussion post) and, drawing from our readings and presentations about source use and paragraphing from this week, explain what strategies Kilbourne uses in the passage you reference.

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