Title: “Major Technological Innovations of the 21st Century: Impact on the Global and Regional Economies”

Do research on the internet, magazines, or other graphic sources and find photographs and/or other images of at least 7 products or services technological innovations that were introduced during the 21st Century

Organize your Photo Essay as follows:

Page 1: Title (see above)

Your name

course number, Semester & Year

Pages 2 to xx:

Each page of the Photo Essay should have at least one photo of the innovation.

Page title is name of the innovation

Insert photo of innovation after title at the top of the page. Make sure that you keep the source of each photo (website, etc.) for the References/Works Cited Page. If you took the photo, type: Source: Author.

After the photo describe that technological innovation: its purpose, when it was first introduced, its target consumers, how it is used, how did it impact the economy (local or global) in which it was introduced.  You may use quantitative and/or qualitative data/information in the description.

The innovation may be a product or a service: for example, the automobile, color television, spray laundry starch, mobile phones, Internet, speedy-delivery services, health care innovations, recreation, athletic shoes…the list goes on.  This is descriptive information that creates a profile of the product or service. The descriptive text for each photo should be about 125-150 words.

Conclusion Page: On this page summarize your Photo Essay, give your thoughts and opinions about the innovations. Have you used or been personally impacted by any of them? Who are the inventors (people, country of origin, company, etc.).

References/Works Cited Page. For each photo and its descriptive information, cite the source of the photo/image and the descriptive information using MLA Format: (Links to an external site.).


Page 2: Author. Date/Year. “3-D printing of Body Parts” (article); website URL, or other source of information.
Minimum word count (excluding References/Works Cited Page): 1,000 words. Type the Word Count at the end of the Conclusion page.

Submit your essay to this assignment page by uploading a .pdf document. This course uses the Turnintin feature in Canvas to determine the originality of your written assignments. Your Turnitin score must be no more than 30%.

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