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My Case study is about Motorola RAZR V3  because it is a product that was in the market back then  and failed later therefore in the report there needs to be a way to relaunch back this product which was then known (RAZR V3).The report must have the following ten section that is attached to the additional materials and there will also be an example of a report for the structure. My report should support the chosen company in adopting the right marketing strategy to implement the re-launch into a new market. The report should be at least 2200 words and there should be a Harvard style with minimum of 15 to 20 academic sources and please also include in-text citations. Please check out the Assessment task information to check out the theory resource to write the following ten sections as well as the other report as an example but with Motorola’s information as my chosen product. Lastly no plagiarism.

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