Use this format
Tell the reader the issue.

The issue in the current prompt is___________(What is the essay about?)
____________________________(Write the essay question.)
Some people argue ____________(People who don’t agree with you think what?)
However, I am afraid I disagree. The evidence does not support their claim.
In this paper I intend to show that
(1) ________________,(2)____________________, and (3)______________________.

Example from one of your classmates:

The current issue in this prompt is morality. What is morality? Where does it come from? What are its sources and function in a specific culture? Some argue that morality does not serve a function in culture and society. However, I believe that this is far from the truth. I intend to prove that morality influences the way we think, how we celebrate traditions and perform rituals and the way we view other people’s choices.

( The RULE)
This section is where you tell the reader what certain words mean. Before you can explain to the reader your opinion, you have to first make sure they understand the big words. Look at the first paragraph. What are some words you or your friends may not understand? Let’s look them up and place them in our second paragraph.

According to Oxford dictionary ___________ means to ______________________.
Harvard University defines _____________as ____________________________.
Lastly, defines ____________as _____________________________.

Example from one of your classmates:

According to Stanford University, “morality can be used either descriptively to refer to a code of conduct put forward by a society or some other group, such as a religion; or accepted by an individual for her own behavior.” Oxford University defines decisions as a conclusion or resolution reached after consideration. Stanford University defines identity as modern formulation of dignity, pride, or honor that implicitly links these to social categories. The University of Southern California defines choices as an act or the possibility of choosing.


Remember in the first paragraph you listed 3 things? Look at the last sentence of your paragraph: you wrote “I Intend to show__________,____________,___________. Remember? Great! Now it is time for you to give your opinion about each of those things.

I believe that __(What was your first point in first paragraph?)_________ because ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

Additionally I believe that  (What was your second point in the first paragraph?)_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Lastly I believe that _(What was your third point in the first paragraph?) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Example from one of your classmates:

For the most part, civilians sacrifice their enjoyment for the well-being of society. Amoral individuals tend to have different morals or beliefs, lack moral sense, or unconcerned with morality(humanist). Their perspective may have a further understanding of right or wrong. People who do evil acts are considered immoral according to societal beliefs. What people perceive as regular changes, and transcends overtime. In a way, morality is constantly evolving.
Religion mainly comes from a person’s social and geographical background. Surprisingly enough, their social and geographical background also molds their perception of morality. How a person grows up and what they learn will directly affect their choices and moral beliefs throughout their life. Culture also plays a role in an individual’s moral beliefs.
Morality plays a vital role in the thinking process. A fourteen-year-old and a twenty-seven-year-old will tend to think differently, given the fact that their morals are both subjective as well as different. Age can also play a role in a person’s moral development .Younger individuals will build a foundation of morals, and, over time, develop their morals that are more suitable for their lifestyle and well-being.


This part is the easiest! What is it that you hope the teacher learned from this paper? What was your point? What would you like to see changed? Tell us again why you feel the way you feel.

Based on my analysis, I can conclude that ______________________(what do you think?)
I hope the reader understands that ______________(What should the reader understand?
If everyone understood this point, then _____(If everyone agreed with you, what would happen?)

Example from one of your classmates:

Based on my analysis, I can conclude that how people are raised plays apart in what they believe. I hope the reader understands that morality is a complicated subject and we should not judge others without having all the facts. If everyone understood this point, the world would be a better place.

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