Watch the 2 videos and answer the questions:

Video: Confronting Latin America’s Economic Challenges: What Can the Region Do?(Links to an external site.)

(Time: 48 Minutes)

Video Location: Week 3 › Instructor Notes › Latin America

Watch Video: 100% Cotton. Made in India

(Time: 27 Minutes)

100% Cotton. Made in India: Farmers commit suicide after planting GMO cotton. (Links to an external site.)

Location: Week 3 › Instructor Notes › Asia – Conquest by Trade

Note: If you are located outside the US, you may not be able to watch this video. Research the topics and participate in the discussion.

The 2 videos illustrate external challenges on these societies from trade, development challenges, resource depletion, climate change and environmental impact.

1. Does your country face similar problems as Latin America? What are 1-2 strategies Latin American countries can implement now to mitigate these problems?

2. Why are Indian farmers committing suicide? Do farmers in your country for the class simulation face similar issues? In your opinion what steps can be taken to help alleviate the problems faced by farmers in your country for the class simulation?

Be sure to back-up your answer with research and provide full citations.

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