Parameters for Thesis Paper

Cover Page: Name of article, student name, professor’s name, class and section, date

1500 word minimum, not including cover page or citations page

1 inch borders – sides, top and bottom

12 font – Times Roman

1.5 inch line spacing

No pictures

No colors

No lined borders

At least 6 reference sources!

Resourced accurately with citations and references – APA style

Grammatically Correct, Spell Checked


Young children who watch violent videos and TV shows are more violent as adults.


1.The tendency of young children to imitate the unpunished violence they see from electronic media.

2. Psychological effects of watching violent videos and tv shows to children.

3. Significant contributing factors to aggressive and violent behaviours or tendencies coming from witnessing violence portrayed in electronic media.

4. Measures to prevent or at least minimize the negative/harmful effects of electronic media violence.

Search Phases

1. Violent Children

2. Television Damage on kids

3. Psychologic damage to the brain

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