Each student is required to prepare a piece of market/concept analysis which develops and evaluates a specific business model relating to a value proposition targeting a specific market segment.

You must include some direct market research with prospective customers to help you to evaluate the suitability of the market/concept you are considering.

The analysis is to be a maximum of 1,000 words (including in-text references but excluding a reference list). There is no 10% leeway. However, for this assignment you may include appendices to explain/expand upon your research.

report structure:


§Is the proposed business model clearly structured and justified?
1.1/product description

§Is the proposed core product or service (and its key features) clearly identified?
1.2/Key features

§Is the proposed value proposition for the target market clearly identified and justified?
1.3/ target market

§Is the proposed target market clearly identified and the rational for its selection convincing?

§Is the research carried out to evaluate the idea appropriate, and include direct communication with potential customers?
§Does the analysis of the evidence communicate the findings clearly and appropriately?


§Does the analysis of the evidence lead to appropriate conclusions relating to the viability and appropriateness of the market/concept being analysed?

-appendix is compulsory
-you need to show your primary and secondary research in the appendix. So you must conduct some research (surveys) and show your findings.
-you must complete the value proposition canvas and business model canvas attached in the files in order to complete the first part of the report.
-the product/service is attached in the files (unpacking packing business idea, named EBM PITCH)

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