Hi I am here enquiring about a 2000 words statistic lab report (Psychology) that involves the use of SPSS. The lecturer has provided the dataset based on the research question that we chose, so just have to do the testing of assumptions etc (in the marking rubrics).

Research question: Does drinking coffee affect reaction time in a Stroop effect test during the morning and evening time?

(2×2 Factorial design, repeated measure ANOVA)

1st IV: Drink coffee (1 cup) vs no coffee (between-subjects design)

2nd IV: Coffee experimental group will have one cup of coffee in the morning and evening respectively (within-subjects)

DV: Reaction time

DATASET: Caffeine and Stroop task sav (attached)

Marking rubrics (please refer to page 18) and assignment guide have been attached for your review.


– Please follow the structure and format in the assignment guide

– The experiment is a mix-subject design, therefore testing of assumptions must include both between and within types. (Instructed by lecturer)

– Participants are first divided into no coffee and coffee (between-subjects), then the coffee group will have coffee in the AM and PM (within-subjects).

– Please include something like this “Using G-power a-priori analysis, to attain a large effect size of f = .40 and power of (1 − β) = .90, it would require at least 68 participants, which is a condition already fulfilled.” in the participants section as we have gone through G-power in class.

– Format must be in APA 7th edition.

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