Please follow instructions and you can choice topic , and using Harvard references with hyperlink, academic tone , limited word count as instruction
Assignment Topic

Develop a business case for applying a successful small scale (local) healthcare improvement to a wider large scale context (across your organisation, for example) within a setting of your choice. The business case must address the following areas, with reference to theory and frameworks/models applicable to healthcare:

Current understanding of system/process: Approx. 300 words
Rational and drivers for the improvement: Approx. 300 words
Stakeholder analysis and engagement plan: Approx. 300 words
Risk analysis (including potential for project failure): Approx. 300 words
Expected benefits/impact/outcome: Approx. 300 words
Approach/methods to be utilised: Approx. 500 words
Evaluation plan: Approx. 500 words
Learning objectives to be assessed:

Demonstrate a deep understanding of the requirement for service redesign and improvement and explore the associated evidence base for the application of industrial methods of service improvement.
Critically appraise reasons for successful project delivery versus failure.
Demonstrate a deep understanding of the drivers for service improvement and why some drivers are more important to some stakeholders than others.
Critically evaluate the role of service redesign in largescale and local context.

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