You will note the 16 Student Learning Objectives listed below and should easily find how involved and exciting Marketing is. Please take 3-5 pages to reflect on what is marketing. Spelling and grammar will count and the first page should be a cover page, and the final page should be a “References” page.

1. Define the marketing mix.
2. Describe internal and external influences on the purchasing behavior of consumers.
3. Differentiate the cultural environment of global marketing which includes business customs, political and legal environments and forces.
4. Define marketing research.
5. Demonstrate an understanding of the importance and implementation of marketing research.
6. Recognize the stages of the consumer buying behavior process.
7. Identify the steps in the target-market selection process.
8. Identify the major characteristics of business customers and transactions.
9. Identify the major components of a buying center.
10. Identify classification of products.
11. Understand the product life cycle and its impact on marketing strategies.
12. Understand the characteristics of services.
13. Demonstrate the role of price.
14. Understand the nature and functions of marketing channels.
15. Identify strategies as they relate to marketing.
16. Understand the components of a marketing plan for a new or existing company or product.

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