Short Essay Two

Use Te Whāriki

A child, whose family has recently immigrated to New Zealand, arrives at your early childhood centre with limited English language.

Suggest a range of strategies you will implement to begin the process of supporting the child’s learning of English as an additional language, while attending to the child’s sense of belonging and wellbeing. Justify your strategies by drawing on literature about cultural responsiveness, intercultural pedagogy and critical multiculturalism.

(1000 words)

Debate issues of ethics, social justice and rights in relation to inclusion and diversity in early childhood settings

Articulate theoretical perspectives on intercultural pedagogy and critical multiculturalism in relation to inclusive practices in early childhood education

Things we do in my home center for immigrants without English:

We have cultural days and celebrate that culture and language. We learn words in that child language to make he/she feel a sense of belonging…. We have words displaying in the wall with she/he language… we read books … learn about the culture …

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