In this Portfolio, you will be required to identify and analyse the current Talent Management System of a chosen organisation in the UK Insurance sector. You need to analyse the various HR functions and the strategies of the organisation while also considering the external factors that may be impacting upon its HR practices.

The choice of organisation should be discussed and confirmed with your tutor. The work needs to be justified with theoretical material and in-depth research is required.

This Portfolio consists of two parts:

Part 1: 1,500-word report

Part 2: 1,000-word report and a 5-minute podcast outlining your recommendations for your chosen organisation

1 The grade is provisional until confirmed by the relevant assessment board(s). Your work will be marked in grades rather than percentages. This is considered to deliver the most accurate and fair outcomes for students. Each assessment that you undertake will be assessed using the common grading system. Information about the grading system can be found in your Student Handbook, Section 13.

The Grade Criteria can be found in Appendix C of your Student Handbook.

Assessment Brief: LSBM205 – 2020-21 Page 2

Part 1. Report (1,500 words) Task 1. Identify the firm’s current talent management strategy

Describe and discuss the following information to identify the current talent management strategy:

Business Strategy and HR Strategy

Recruitment, including recruitment channels

Selection Methods

Performance Management – including appraisal system

Reward Management

Training and Development (including types of training courses and identifying the training provider)

Equality and Diversity Policy

Task 2. Gender Pay Gap Reporting

Analyse the Gender Pay Gap report statistics for your organization. The data is available at

In this section, include a summary of the gender pay gap over the previous four years (in a table format)

Analyse the data highlighting any trends, notable changes and actions that the organisation has taken to reduce the gap

Task 3. Identification of environmental factors impacting the HRM practices

• In this section, you should analyse the current external factors impacting their HR practices. For example, the Covid-19 crisis and its impact on an increase in remote/home working or new social distancing arrangements that are impacting work premises.

Part 2. Recommendations Report and Podcast A. Written Report

Write a written report of 1,000 words (maximum) providing your organisation with one recommendation based on ONE gap or shortcoming you identified from your previous analysis (Tasks 1-3)

o o

Develop a recommendation that will help the organisation address this gap or shortcoming. This recommendation should include:

A rationale (i.e. explain what you believe they should be pursuing)

Brief description of the problem citing evidence from your previous analysis (Tasks 1-3)

Assessment Brief: LSBM205 – 2020-21 Page 3

o Description of your solution based on current academic research and practice o Explanation of how your recommendation could be implemented

B. Record a 5-minute audio file outlining and summarizing your recommendation to the organisation:

Briefly explain your recommendation including A rational

Brief description of the shortcoming/gap
Description of your solution
Explanation for how this recommendation can be implemented

In your podcast, you should mention academic literature sources which helped you develop your recommendation.

Additional guidance

Part 1 and the written report in Part 2 should be presented in a report format with headings and sub-headings.

Follow the structure of the assignment tasks in your report.

Graphs and tables are accepted.

Please place any documents, policies or similar in the appendix.

Please submit the assignment in MS Word format.

Please ensure all sources are cited throughout your report. Use Harvard Referencing system

Padlets and other materials will be used in completing this assignment. PDF’s of your Padlet pages are to be included in the appendix of your portfolio

The Podcast can be submitted as an audio file. You are encouraged to be creative for example you can use music. Remember you are wanting to engage your listener.

Further details including suggested websites and resources will be on Canvas ‘Module Materials AB2 Portfolio’

Assessment Brief: LSBM205 – 2020-21 Page 4

Weighting of the tasks

Response to Part 1 Task 1 is worth 30% of the overall grade for AS2.

Response to Part 1 Task 2 is worth 15% of the overall grade for AS2.

Response to Part 1 Task 3 is worth 15 % of the overall grade for AS2.

Response to Part 2 is worth 30 % (20% Written Report and 10% Podcast) of the overall grade for AS2.

Academic Conventions (i.e. structure, layout, clarity of the response) is worth 10% of the overall grade

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