Part 1: Classroom Management Plan

In 250-500 words, create a classroom management plan, including an introduction and a purpose statement explaining the reasons for creating the plan.

Describe in the plan:

How to motivate and engage collaboration among peers
How students will be guided to stay on task and organized in their work
The resources and support inside and outside the classroom
How a functioning learning environment will be established
How to ensure the classroom expectations and procedures are in place
How data is related to student behaviors and responses will be collected and used to inform classroom-management practices

Part 2: Communication Management Plan

In 500-750 words, address the following prompts to create your communication management plan. Your communication management plan must address the following:

How to communicate with, establish, and maintain positive relationships with families in order to establish positive school-home relations
How to make the connection from school to home to promote positive relationships regarding professional decisions and actions that maintain educational equity in order to establish a safe learning community for students
Access students and families will have to technology and how to use technology in a safe, productive, and positive environment
An overall intent to establish a collaborative, learning environment that integrates families, colleagues, and professionals to create a positive, student-centered, supportive learning environment that fosters the growth of students’ intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development

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