The answers do not need to be written out in complete sentences but are noted for your use in-class. But need concrete examples and page numbers to support the points. You, Will, provide appropriate examples/quotations from the texts to be analyzed with page numbers. If you do not give me specific lines/page numbers or scenes you will lose points!! Examples chosen support argument and are analyzed in concrete detail, rather than simply summarized.

For example, if the question asks you to list the differences between two different versions of the story, a list is fine. But you should provide examples to support your points with page numbers, or page numbers with at least a brief identifying tag. And make sure you explain why you’ve chosen those examples!

For example: What are the main differences between the Noh play Aoi no Ue and the original story in The Tale of Genji?

1. Are the priests and their exorcism rituals successful?

Genji: No, because Rokujo is not identified or pacified and Aoi no Ue dies (p. XX)

Aoi no ue: Yes, because Rokujo is identified and pacified and Aoi no Ue lives (p. 937, “The Bodhisattva comes to meet her. She enters nirvana, released from the cycle of death and rebirth”)

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