Knowledge & Understanding

Of content, concepts, theories, processes and procedures; relationship between theory and action

Literature Review demonstrates a thorough and insightful understanding of the research topic; includes key terms that will need to be defined (10)


Use of planning skills (formulating questions, identifying problems, gathering and organizing information, focusing research, selecting strategies)

Makes use of several (3 or more) relevant sources in Literature Review; is able to synthesize the information from the sources to make connections between them (5)


Organization and expression of ideas and information; communication for different audiences and purposes; use of conventions

Research paper is organized in proper format; makes use of headings to aid structure of paper (3)

Voice is formal (may still be personal) (2)

Paper is nearly free of errors in spelling and grammar (5)

Uses appropriate APA in-text referencing techniques (5)

Uses appropriate APA formatting in References page (5)

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