WK2 – AE 3.1, AE 3.2 and AE 3.5

Read Annual Editions:

AE 3.1: Trade, Development, and Inequality by Uri Dadush

AE 3.2: The Truth about Trade: What Critics Get Wrong about the Global Economy by Douglas A. Irwin and

AE 3.5: How NAFTA has Changed Mexico by Kathleen Staudt and answer the following questions:

1. How does the global trade impact your country? How is skill-based technological changes impacting the developing world?

2. Research 1-2 strategies your adopted country can pursue to maximize it advantages in global trade.

Be sure to back-up your answer with research and provide full citations.

Required Textbooks/Readings

Payne, Richard J. and Jamal R. Nassar, Politics and Culture in the Developing World: The Impact of Globalization, 5th ed., Pearson Longman, 2012. ISBN: 9780205075911

Weiner, Robert, Annual Editions: Developing World, 33rd ed., McGraw-Hill Education, 2018. ISBN-13: 9781259883309

Online Participation Expectation

· You are required to actively participate online for this course and this will be a critical component of your final grade.

· Online participation requires reading and completing all online activities via class announcements, discussion, class news, and other postings daily.

· We will discuss current events every week via online discussion. Be sure to use the Internet, newspapers, TV or radio to read the current world events and to discuss then online.

· I expect to see first submissions to weekly discussion by Wednesday, midnight of the assigned week. The weekly discussion will be closed by Sunday at 11:55 of the week.

· While there is no specific day/time at which you must log in, I strongly recommend that you log in several times per week to participate.

· Your participation will be graded on both the quantity and quality of your postings.

Course Requirements

Online Discussions of Assigned Textbooks:

· The student should read the assigned textbook chapters (Payne, Richard J. and Jamal R. Nassar, Politics and Culture in the Developing World: The Impact of Globalization) and the Annual Editions: Developing Worldreadings for each week and be prepared to respond to posted discussions.

· Students are encouraged to engage in active dialogue with each other and to introduce new information about a particular experience with each week’s discussion topic.

· You are required to post a minimum of one original postingto each discussion question, and two postings that are a feedback or response to other students’ postings. (Minimum of 3 posting per discussion question/item for the week)

· Postings such as “I agree,” “Good Answer,” or the likes, are not acceptable.

· Students are encouraged to regularly post comments and questions.

· Each student will be required to post his/her comments, observations and evaluations concerning the week’s discussion topic in the “Discussion” section of the Vista web site for this course

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