WK2 – AE 1.5, AE 1.6 and AE 1.11

AE 1.5: The United Nations and Sovereignty in the Age of Trump by Thomas G. Weiss;

AE 1.6: The Players Change, but the Game Remains by Stephen Kotkin and

AE 1.11: The Rise of Illiberal Hegemony: Trump’s Surprising Grand Strategy by Barry R. Posen

1. The United Nations plays a crucial role in solving global issues and problems impacting the developing world. How is the UN helping your country’s development (you are representing in the class simulation)?

2. The global political system has an impact on the prospects for successful development for many developing countries. United States is the dominant superpower. How does US impact the developing countries? Be sure to highlight if there are any direct impact for your class simulation country of choice.

Be sure to back-up your answer with research and provide full citations.

Read AE 1.1: Will the Liberal Order Survive? The History of an Idea by Joseph S. Nye, Jr.;

AE 1.2: The Geopolitics of Cyberspace after Snowden by Ron Deibert;

AE 1:3: The Myth of the Liberal Order: From Historical Accident to Conventional Wisdom by Graham Allison and

AE 1:4 The Liberal International Economic Order on the Brink, by Kristen Hopewell

How does the distribution of power in the global system like status of US as a hegemonic power, rise of populism, rise of non-state actors and information revolution impact the development prospects of the developing countries? You can use specific developing countries to illustrate your answer.
Pick a developing country of your choice (preferably the country you want to represent in the class simulation) and research the country’s Millennium development goals (MDGs) and the results they have achieved.

Be sure to back-up your answer with research and provide full citations.

Week 1 Activities

Required Textbooks/Readings

Payne, Richard J. and Jamal R. Nassar, Politics and Culture in the Developing World: The Impact of Globalization, 5th ed., Pearson Longman, 2012. ISBN: 9780205075911

Weiner, Robert, Annual Editions: Developing World, 33rd ed., McGraw-Hill Education, 2018. ISBN-13: 9781259883309

Online Participation Expectation

· You are required to actively participate online for this course and this will be a critical component of your final grade.

· Online participation requires reading and completing all online activities via class announcements, discussion, class news, and other postings daily.

· We will discuss current events every week via online discussion. Be sure to use the Internet, newspapers, TV or radio to read the current world events and to discuss then online.

· I expect to see first submissions to weekly discussion by Wednesday, midnight of the assigned week. The weekly discussion will be closed by Sunday at 11:55 of the week.

· While there is no specific day/time at which you must log in, I strongly recommend that you log in several times per week to participate.

· Your participation will be graded on both the quantity and quality of your postings.

Course Requirements

Online Discussions of Assigned Textbooks:

· The student should read the assigned textbook chapters (Payne, Richard J. and Jamal R. Nassar, Politics and Culture in the Developing World: The Impact of Globalization) and the Annual Editions: Developing Worldreadings for each week and be prepared to respond to posted discussions.

· Students are encouraged to engage in active dialogue with each other and to introduce new information about a particular experience with each week’s discussion topic.

· You are required to post a minimum of one original postingto each discussion question, and two postings that are a feedback or response to other students’ postings. (Minimum of 3 posting per discussion question/item for the week)

· Postings such as “I agree,” “Good Answer,” or the likes, are not acceptable.

· Students are encouraged to regularly post comments and questions.

· Each student will be required to post his/her comments, observations and evaluations concerning the week’s discussion topic in the “Discussion” section of the Vista web site for this course

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