Assignment 4 – Essay Response to Units 7 and 8

Weight: 15% of your final grade

Length: 500–1000 words for each question, for a total of 1000–2000 words

Due: after completing Unit 8


Complete a brief essay response to each of these questions:

1. Discuss some of the challenges of integrating Indigenous knowledge into systems of education.

2. Describe the common curriculum framework and the First Nations, Métis, and Inuit education policy framework. Discuss how these initiatives may contribute to Indigenous education in systems of education.


· Use 12-point font and double space.

· Edit for spelling and grammatical errors.

· Response papers do not require you to do any further outside research or reading other than what is presented in the course materials, but you must demonstrate throughout your paper that you have an understanding of the basic concepts presented in the units covered. Include a References section at the end containing any references you have cited from the course materials using APA style.

Tip: List the units of the Study Guide this way:

Athabasca University. (2017a). Unit 1 – Introduction to Indigenous Education. In Indigenous Studies 301 Study Guide. Retrieved from

Cite it as (Athabasca University, 2017a). Since you will be citing more than one AU study guide unit, all published in 2017, you will need to list them as 2017a, 2017b, and so on.

· You may include Indigenous cultural information if you have such knowledge or has access to such knowledge.

· AU Library Services and The Write Site offer extensive support for academic writing.

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