This is a 350 word discussion done in APA format 7th edition.

This week, you will be practicing some data collection procedures using videos of problem behaviors. First, click on the link provided and review the Activity for duration and latency data collection. You may choose to print out the data sheets provided in the activity or create your own using a similar format. Be sure to review the operational definition of the target behavior provided on each data sheet.

Duration and Latency Recording

First, you will view the video (accessed via page 3 of the activity document) and collect duration data on the target behavior defined on the Duration data sheet. Then, you will view the video once again, and collect Latency data on the target behavior defined on the Latency data sheet. Once you’ve completed the data collection, consider the following questions:

Discuss the findings of your data collection experience. What was the total duration of time off task and calculate the percentage of time off task for this session. What was the average latency recorded for this student to begin working independently following a teacher instruction? Based on your observation and data, how would you report the intensity or magnitude of this student’s off-task behavior?
Explain how the operational definition provided contributed to your observation and data recording experience. Is there anything that could have made the definition more clear for observation purposes?
What challenges did you have with measuring the duration and/or latency of these target behaviors? How might you alleviate similar challenges in the future?

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